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Viewing log#962


Once I have shared the link to a match, I can see the number of views, but not whom or for how long they have viewed.
It would be really useful to track before discussing analysis with players.
It is available on other platforms….
Veo says, “A good idea”, but it needs your votes, please!

a year ago

Hi @Philbrown1959. It is actually such a good idea that other in the Veo community have asked for it before ;-)
Just to make sure we tally up all votes on this idea in one place, I am taking the liberty to merge this ticket (and thus your vote) with the previous suggestion.

Kind regards
Anders - Product Manger @ Veo

a year ago
Merged into Admin able to view who has watched each match#38
a year ago

I couldn’t find it! How many votes so far?

a year ago

It can also bi really tricky to find them in the interface. Here is a link

a year ago