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Zooming closer on play#47

Could we add lens that fit over the camera already allowing to zoom over closer to set pieces or see more on the opposite side of the pitch ?

4 years ago
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4 years ago
Merged Scale of zoom#160
4 years ago

@Kawus Nouri Sounds great it is planned - but would it be with an ekstra lens or just buffing up resolution. I guess we record in 4K?

4 years ago

I think we don’t need 4K to watch way the grass is blowing HD is enough saying that I think the lens like specs to increase the zoom would make a big difference in Quality as you view the action on the other side of the pitch.
The veo is still a young product so all this chat may help it get better over the years & try keep the cost right to buy add ons

4 years ago

I’d love to be able to use veo to watch a game as tactical angle which is zoomed out to see as much of the play as possible - particularly when using stadium mount or the taller tripod :-)

3 years ago

What would be nice is to set a default zoom preference in the veo app that is used when rendering uploaded videos for the “follow the ball” view. The coaches like it zoomed out for tactical analysis; players like it zoomed in for pulling highlights. Being able to set a knob between two extremes that you can adjust for your team’s preferences would be great.

2 years ago

Would like this option, or ability to fixate camera for penalty shoot out.

a year ago

Yep - far field is pixelated but this is an inherent limitation of the Veo. Veo uses digial zoom over optical zoom. The pro of the digital zoom is that the camera can stay fixed and all the pitch is covered. An optical zoom is mechnical and when you zoom in optically you exclude other areas (think tunnel vision).

The work-around to keep all the benefits of the static filming is for Veo to deploy more cameras with different optical zooms and then stitch those together like it does with the two now. Of course, that is more footage to upload and more to process. Another option is to have multiple Veo cameras coordinate together to “cut” to the closest view. Possible but might make the camera and service prohibitively expensive.

If you really want high-res film you need to use a real video camera (e.g., Sony AX53 running 60 fps) on a high tripod and follow the action manually with a remote to zoom in and out optically. Pix4Team is working to automate that with a real-time follow camera but it wasn’t sufficiently mature and returned it in favor of a Veo 2.

The Veo is wonderful for set and forget.

a year ago